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"We are indeed returning to Edinburgh with 2 productions this year and we are all very excited.



The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged


All 37 plays, 154 sonnets in 97 minutes performed by 3 men.

This play was made famous by The Reduced Shakespeare Company but it has now been given a new lease of life by Tread the Boards Theatre Company as they add their own unique brand of humour to this hilarious romp through all the Bard's great works.


Othello as a rap, All the histories as a rugby match, Titus Adronicus as a cooking show and Hamlet backwards are just a few of the unusual interpretations.

This play will go on a tour before heading to Edinburgh. Starting at the Attic Theatre where the play opened last year, then they move accross to the RSC to perform for 1 night only on the Main Stage after being invited to perform by the RSC for the world shakespeare festival. Then on to the Cheltenham Playhouse and then to the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham before heading north for the fringe.


'The trio, John-Robert Partridge as Daniel Singer, Daniel Gough (Jess Borgeson) and Andrew Maguire (Adam Long) had made the West End smash hit their own. It was originally made famous by The Reduced Shakespeare Company, but the Tread the Boards actors, under the direction of Ash Bayliss, have created a performance which no doubt could be made famous in its own right because of their unique personalities and the added contemporary asides'. - The Stratford Herald.


This show for us screams Edinburgh and is a show we have had a lot of fun working on and hopefully the Edinburgh audiences will love to. Rehearsals start this Saturday for the abridged production and a new set is being designed. Our performers in the show are very excited mainly to do the  Abridged diet. Last year we all lost at least a stone doing the job so hoping for a similar outcome this year. Dan has just got married so the Edinburgh Fringe is his honeymoon especially as his wife is performing in our other production.




Three Tall Women


Written by Edward Albee, this piece is a look at a woman with alzheimers who looks back at her life and all the mistakes she has made, the affairs, the money issues, the death of her husband and the estrangement of her gay son. Told through the eyes of the three ages of the same woman 20, 35 and 65.


This piece was chosen for numerous reasons, we felt last year the fringe lacked some real good drama. We wanted to bring a bit of hard hitting emotional drama to this years fringe. It also has emotional meaning for the director as hes grandmother suffered with alzheimers and was placed in a specialist home which is where this play is set. All three actresses are the partners of the boys in the abridged show, so we are bringing two very different shows and will appeal to different audiences.


Rehearsals for this show have just begun and the show will tour alongside abridged on alternate nights.



We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in Edinburgh in 2010 performing The Importance of Being Earnest - but this year we want it to be even better, due to costings etc a big cast show like Earnest for us this year would not of been possible so two smaller cast shows we thought would be better. Also this is the original company of Tread the Boards reunited - so we are very excited to be performing with those actors and friends who have helped us every step of the way.




You can see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged

and Three Tall Women at theSpace @ Venue45 from 3-11 August at 20:05

For further information visit www.treadtheboardstheatre.co.uk

Tread The Boards Theatre looking forward

to Honeymoon period.


In 2010 DARKCHATTERS Phil & Legs saw Tread The Boards production of " The Importance Of Being Earnest". They so enjoyed their version of Oscar Wilde's classic that it won 2 awards including Best Play.


We grabbed a few words with Artistic Director John-Robert Partridge  to find out what they will be doing in Edinburgh this year: