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Do You Remember the First Time?

Continuing our new series celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Edinburgh Fringe and DarkChat's own 10th Anniversary we've invited a selection of people connected to the festival to provide their memories of their first festival.  


If you missed any of our earlier parts you can catch up here.



DARKCHAT have been big fans of Alan Harris since we saw the DARKCHAT nominated play “ Future For Beginners” in 2014. We have already seen a Fringe peview of his latest play “Sugar Baby” and can highly recommend it. However there is no review just yet so you will have to go and check it out and make your own mind up. In the meantime you can read Alan’s 1st Edinburgh memories.



The first show of my first trip to the Fringe: a comedian who was so bad he actually

gave an audience member his money back during the show.


Yup, not a great start to my first Edinburgh Fringe experience (this was about 10 years

ago) and was a quick lesson in “don’t always believe what it says on the poster” – this

comedian had promised us a five star performance.


During that first trip I stayed in a bungalow which was on the road towards the airport – I

spent a lot of time on the bus back and forth – and it was especially memorable as the

owner of the house had fashioned the inside of it in a 30s style to mirror the look of it on

the outside.


Since then I’ve been back to the Fringe quite a bit – this is the third year I’ve written a show for the festival – and I look forward to going back each time. It’s an amazing melting pot and meeting place, I love its variety and vibrancy.


Back to the first visit: I think it was that year that I saw a production of Macbeth on motorbikes at the Old College Quad. It was amazing.


For some reason, lots of the good and, unfortunately, the bad stay in the mind from Edinburgh…



Sugar Baby by Alan Harris is playing throughout the

Fringe (not Tuesdays) at  Roundabout @ Summerhall (Venue 26) at 18.05. 




DarkChat have yet to see the high-flying “Circa” but were glad that performer Todd Kilby had enough time whilst he had his feet on the ground to share his first Edinburgh memories.



Twas Edinburgh fringe 2012 or was it 2013. Yes that's right. A beautiful year when

the air was fresh and fish still had knee caps. The Edinburgh streets poetic. Pulsating

with the rhythms of verbal chance, danger, venture and all possibilities open to a

touch of risque.


The sky was the limit......or so they thought. There was in fact a roof in our venue.

A nice enough roof, but not one you would not to hit with force. Being shot out of

a cannon into that bad boy would  a whole world of pain that I do not wish upon

anybody.  The lights, the whirling lights, the itchy grass of rolly pollys down Arthur's



Those were the days.



Todd will be performing Humans with the rest of Circa at Underbelly’s

Circus Hub on the Meadows (Venue 360) until 26th August (not 9th, 14th or 21st)