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Was "Adam and Eve" an easy show to write?


It was a very enjoyable show to write, but not necessarily easy. I really liked playing with the situation (the show is set the day after Adam & Eve ate the fruit, so they are coping with life on Earth), but the main challenge was keeping it interesting with so few characters. Luckily it turns out there were lots of talking animals and singing trees in the early days of the world, so it’s not just Adam and Eve sitting together looking sad.



What has surprised you most during your preview shows?


To be perfectly honest, I am constantly surprised by the shapeliness of their buttocks. I sit at the back of the stage playing instruments mostly, so those are the things most regularly in my eyeline. Lucifer is sporting a particularly impressive pair of PVC shorts.



Are you hoping for/ dreading this heatwave to continue through the Edinburgh festival?


Our journey up was so hot, it was pretty fantastic to get rained on as soon as we arrived. I feel that Edinburgh hasn’t quite made up its mind what weather to go with – but I guess that’s Edinburgh’s prerogative…



When was your 1st Edinburgh festival?


I came up for a couple of days in 1996.


Why did you come?


Some friends were in a student production of a musical based in a 19th Century Lace Mill. In my memory there was a cast of about eighty. How did they feed themselves? Where did they live?



What did you expect?


I imagined there would be a small selection of well-appointed, state-of-the-art performance spaces with about three shows a day, and plenty of time for afternoon tea.


How did the reality differ from your expectations?


I feared I would be flyered to death.



What is the best thing about the festival?


I really like the fact that, in the end, the audience gets to decide what it likes. It feels like there is potential for new work to succeed on its own merits at the Fringe in a way that is more difficult to achieve in ‘real life’. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!



What is the worst thing about the festival?


I imagine it’s horrible if you’re a local, but I have to say I love it.



What has changed over the years?

A/ For the better

The rampant availability of artisan coffee


B/ For the worst

Same thing. This used to be a Tea town.



Roughly how many shows do you see each festival?


I’ve never been up for the whole thing before, but I guess three shows a day is a reasonable average. With tea in between.



What was your favourite Edinburgh show to watch?


I saw a Russian clowning troupe doing a show called ‘The Family’ in 2009 which was joy-filled and eccentric and brilliant. Can’t remember the company name, sadly.



Who is your favourite overall performer (s)?


The Pajama Men, always essential viewing



Where are your favourite places to eat and drink?


David Bann’s restaurant. I’m not a veggie but I always eat there. The Brass Monkey on Drummond St is brilliant for its massive lounging room.



What are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?


Anything can happen, and that is the most exciting thing in the world!



Adam & Eve: The Musical is on daily at Gilden Balloon Teviot until August 25th


A Splendid Production?

One of the biggest absences from a DARKCHAT spreadsheet has been a good new musical. So, on Sunday we started our day with a trip to see "Adam and Eve" the musical.


Writer and composer Ben Hales of Splendid Productions kindly let us look into his world: