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Was "Shadow OnTheir Wall" an easy show to write?


No, it drew in some dark times so the content wasn't easy but the writing process flowed.



What has surprised you most during your preview shows?


How tricky it has been to navigate the competitive market place. You may believe in your show but it is tough to peel people away from the big 4/5 venues.



Are you hoping for/ dreading this heatwave to continue through the Edinburgh festival?


We love it, we have two young children with us so it's great to get outside.



When was your 1st Edinburgh festival?


Attending, 2009. Participating, 2013.



Why did you come?


Because we've been to the Buxton Fringe and it went very well with an award nomination and some great reviews. We wanted to try ourselves at the next level. We also live the Edinburgh Fringe.



What did you expect?


Good times, financial hardship and hangovers plus a great learning experience.



How did the reality differ from your expectations?


It is early days, but the market is even more competitive than we'd thought.



What is the best thing about the festival?


The vibrancy, it is an amazing atmosphere.



What is the worst thing about the festival?


Relentless flyering and painful shins for a long walk each day.



What has changed over the years?


More hub orientated.


A/ For the better – The diversity.


B/ For the worst – The ticket prices.



Roughly how many shows do you see each festival?





What was your favourite Edinburgh show to watch?


We've only seen 5 to date, Dirty Laundry was entertaining.



Who is your favourite overall performer (s)?


Richard Herring.



Where are your favourite places to eat and drink?


Mosque Kitchen and the Library Bar in Gilded Balloon.



What are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?


Seeing more shows and improving flyering skills!




You can see 'Shadow On Their Wall' at Paradise in the Vault until August 11th


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