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Itinerary & Reviews 2017


Our 2017 Reviews can be found below along with those shows that we're planning to see.  Scores and reviews will go online when we get them from our reviewers.


You'll note that our reviews are scored out of 10 rather than starred like everyone else.  This is as we believe in getting everyone's opinion and any DarkChatter that attends a show provides a score (although only one provides the review) and the score out of 10 is the average of these scores.


Scoring out of 10 is easier for us, rather than someone getting 3.37 stars it's easier that way!  It's also easier for the webmaster to write a number than try and paste up two-thirds of a star!


If anyone wants to use a 7 or 8/10 review as a 4 star review or a 9/10 one as a 5 star review we won't be too offended, we're all about making lives easier!


Our reviewers this year are Dave, Anne, Carl, Kate, and also 8 year olds Harri & Dylan who have been reviewing kids shows.


Arisol Samulnori Lewis Schaffer Otto & Astrid: Eurosmash Geins Family Giftshop Penetrator Robert White Briony Redman Shappi Korsandi New Maths Magic Nassim Rob Auton Patti Plinko How to Be a Kid Hero Roper's Superheroes for Kids 2 10 Films with My Dad Becky Brunning Pickering's Gin Jolly Children's Underground Ghost Tour Dark Room For Kids Bottleneck Labels Mark Thompson's Special Science Kidocracy Ensemble KLA_Vier Arrrr We There Yet? Meow Meow Lula Del Ray Soweto Gospel Choir How to Win Against History 1000 Cranes Jonny Awsum Hanlebards: As You Like It Douze A Monk's Tale Jessica Fostekew There May Be Pirates..There May Be Dragons Any Suggestions Doctor? The Naz Show Thinking Drinkers

Saturday 5th August

Sunday 6th August

Monday 7th August

Tuesday 8th August

Wednesday 9th August

Thursday 10th August

& Friday 11th August

Colin Hoult: Anna Mann Bruce Michelle Shocked Frankie VAH Indie as F*ck Museum After Hours Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Benjamin Clementine Wifi Wars 2017LEWISSC_U7 2017COLINHO_PH 2017OTTOAST_N6 2017BRIONYR_MV 2017MONKSTA_GH 2017ODDPIRA_ABL 2017ROBERTW_GG 2017NEWMATH_ABL 2017GEINSFA_PC 2017DOUZF_BDG 2017PENETRA_ATB 2017BECKYBR_AWI 2017ANYSUGG_3G 2017DARKROO_ACG 2017PICKERI_AYC 2017HOWTOBE_AZC 2017CHILDRF_AZL 2017HERO_BFT 2017SHAPPIK_AAV 2017BRUCE_UA 2017THINKIN_APJ 2017PATTIPL_AAZ 2017BOTTLEN_3T 2017ARISOLS_ADR 2017JONNYAW_H9 20171000CRA_TK Charlie Baker 2017LULADEL_AWB 2017HOWTOWI_AAS 2017FRANKIF_UA 2017NASSIM_TR 201710FILMS_3H 2017BOOTLEG_AGO 2017ANDREWT_J7 2017INDIEAS_BCX 2017SOWETOG_AT 2017NAZSHOW_H9 2017KIDOCRA_SV 2017ENSEMBL_SG 2017HANDLEC_AHF 2017JESSICA_JF 2017ROBAUTO_JC 2017GURUDUD_ATL 2017MUSEUMA_AKY 2017LABELS_PH 2017MARKTHO_AVZ 2017ARRWETH_APO 2017CHARLIH_AYY Wifi wars Ruby Redfort 2017ESCAPAD_AAZ meowmeowslittlemermaidcpiajohnson5 benjamin_clementine_c_micky_clement_blog 2017VELVETP_R7 Velvet Petal: Bedroom