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Reviews 2012


Our 2012 Reviews are online and can be found using the drop down menu above depending on which day we saw them.


You'll note that our reviews are scored out of 10 rather than starred like everyone else.  This is as we believe in getting everyone's opinion and any DarkChatter that attends provides a score (even if only one provides the review) and the score out of 10 is the average of these scores.


Scoring out of 10 is easier for us, rather than someone getting 3.37 stars it's easier that way!  It's also easier for the webmaster to write a number than try and paste up two-thirds of a star!


If anyone wants to use an 8/10 review as a 4 star review or a 9/10 one as a 5 star review we won't be too offended, we're all about making lives easier!


Our reviewers this year are Dave (DC) Phil (PW) Anne (AC) Legs (L) and Carl (CB).