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Tyrannosaurus Sketch

Greenside @ Royal Terrace

Sunday 7th August, 16.45


Despite years of Edinburgh experience, Darkchat continues to attend shows which have some link to favourite films of the

80s and 90s, despite them generally receiving scores out of 100 that more closely resemble the decades of the sinking of

the Titanic and the Wall Street Crash. And this year the first show that drew in ‘too old to know better’ Phil was

Tyrannosaurus Rex, with an image too closely resembling the Jurassic Park logo to pass up. All signs pointed towards the

inevitable low score; a venue on the other side of town, the cashier in the bar unable to work out how to enter two cash

values of £4.50 into the till, and the barmaid pouring a pint with more froth than a rabid dog drinking Fairy liquid. We went in

with low expectations and…thankfully, our fears proved unfounded.


The Nottingham New Theatre group produced an hour of good quality sketches that were high on energy, contained moments

of genius physical comedy, and even the odd witty pun. Starting strong Wwith Michael Mcintyre seareching for comedy gold

before stealing from greats such as Monty Python, the group moved swiftly on to Thomas the Tank Engine, the naming of the

planets, and Golem. Of course there were the odd lows, Bulk in particular, the majority of sketches fell into the usual curse of

not finishing particularly strongly (in our opinion, the true skill of sketch comedy), and there was a heavy reliance on film

parodies which has been done more times than the guy behind the car could’ve coped with, but it was elevated by enthusiasm,

skilful performances and a guy wrestling with a chair.


Terri-dacti-ble? More like fineosaurus.






Tyrannosaurus Sketch plays on odd numbered days until Aug 27

Greenside @ Royal Terrace