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Assembly George Square Studios

Sunday 7th August 17.30


After spending a lot of time compiling our spreadsheet I noticed our weakest genre was theatre. None of our favourite

actors or writers were featured ( and typically we didn’t have a gap for Nassim Soleimanpour’s new play Blank (check

our interview section).


So, instead it was time to look for some new talent. Top of our list was Liam Williams an emerging stand-up performer who

I saw a few years back in “Making News”.


The premise of “Travesty” is quite simple, we follow a relationship between a man and a woman through the time-line of

it’s shy beginnings, happy middle and inevitable rocky ending (well, it is a play after all). This is fairly generic fare but there

is a twist which is sufficient to hold your interest for an hour.


I didn’t find the writing overly inciteful but it is the performances which kept you involved throughout. I found the ending a

little rushed and they didn’t quite reach the emotional heights the piece needed.


This was an enjoyable play but not as gripping as it should have been.





Travesty plays daily until Aug 28th (not 15th)

at Assembly George Square Studios