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Tom Neenan:  Vaudeville

Underbelly Med Quad

Wednesday 10th August, 16.15


We return to the master storyteller and king of the one-liner for another hour of comedy perfection and, this time, there are

chills to be had.


Neenan enters as a security guard, informing the audience that the show they had arrived for was no longer running.

However, to avoid disappointment, Neenan instead recites a series of tales to the audience so their time hasn’t been wasted.

This therefore marks a departure from recent Neenan shows; no longer a single adventure, but rather three mini ones brought

together with the compere-like security guard sandwiched in between each one.


As you would expect from Neenan, each story is filled with puns and one-liners, albeit notably fewer than in recent years,

and revolves around a performer from the Vaudeville theatre with Neenan playing various characters along the way. None

are particularly stronger than the other, as all retain a high standard throughout, though I personally enjoyed the initial tale

concerning the magician and ventriloquist perhaps a tad more than the others, with some impressive magic thrown in for good

measure. The show then ends with a wonderfully dark twist of M Night Shyamalan proportions.


For us, Neenan is a unique amongst the Fringe, and we are yet to see anyone match what he does. For some of us it was a

slight dip on the previous two years’ shows, whilst for others it was a fresh twist which revived their interest in him.


Whichever way you look at it, Neenan remains as one of the Darkchat must-see shows at the Fringe, as we are sure he is for anyone else who has ever seen him.


Neerly as good as last year, but still exceptional



Tom Neenan: Vaudeville plays daily until Aug 28th

at Underbelly Med Quad