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Thom:  Foolery with Thom Tuck

Heroes @ Dragonfly

Wednesday 10th August, 15.00


It simply wouldn’t be Edinburgh without flyers, poor weather and a Thom Tuck show, at least in my opinion. Thankfully I

experienced the first two within five minutes of my arrival, yet had to wait until just a few short hours before my departure

for the final of the holy trinity. Was it worth waiting for?


Well, the thing about Thom Tuck is that he could make the reading of phone book funny with his Atkinson-esque pronunciation

of syllables (never have we been so privileged to hear the word ‘privileged’), and the small time you spend in his company at

this show will be some of the most comfortable at the Fringe.


Tuck is adamant never to repeat material during any shows at this year’s Fringe, which means that you could be potentially

witness a unique show every day, all the more likely considering this a show compered by Tuck with two guests. Tuck's

section was extended due to an absent ‘Tom’, and whilst we were initially glad at the chance to spend more time in his

company, it proved to be a false present as the Tuck bits dragged somewhat, as he made it clear he had insufficient material

for the entire time he was on stage.


It started well with a story of privilege, but extended into an overly-long section on Disney straight to video movies (which we

had seen 4 years ago, we regret to inform), and a rather awkward final section on religion.


It was with some relief, therefore, when the one guest did finally show up, and he was actually very strong, with some amusing tales and jokes from his Australian roots. His name is Tom Ballard, and despite being hungover (him, not me), on this small amount of evidence could well be worth a watch.


Toom-uch of a good thing is never good for you



Thom:  Foolery with Thom Tuck plays daily until Aug 27

at Heroes @ Dragonfly