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 The Thinking Drinkers: History of Alcohol

 Underbelly, Med Quad

 Monday 7th August 20.00




The Fringe. Comedy.  Free Drinks. The Thinking Drinkers (Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham) would seem to be onto a winner when it comes to a Fringer show with their ‘History of Alcohol’ and as expected the room is packed full of expectant punters for their show.  Quite why a lot of those felt the need to queue for drinks just as we were entering given what was on offer inside only they will know but you certainly get your money’s worth.

The show begins with two monkeys although I’m not entirely sure why and the hope is that the show will get better from there.  Happily it does as we are taken on a tour through history by puppetless Ben and Tom using a series of sketches, each accompanied with a taste of a different drink from around the world.


There is a smattering of audience participation throughout and the crows are only too willing to join in especially as they

become more raucous as the show progresses and the alcohol flows.  This isn’t though a show just about getting drunk

(the motto of the two is “drink less but drink better” and if you pay attention (or are able to pay attention 5 drinks in) then

you will learn something about the drinks and learn how to enjoy the drinks more than you might (rather than just drink for

the sake of drinking as is often the British way!)


There are plenty of laughs (and groans) through the show and the humour is on the whole very good (these guys know

their audience) although there is perhaps the odd sketch that slightly misses the mark.   It is perhaps the only show on the

Fringe where leaving half way through won’t get you a barb or even a glance from the performers as they are well aware

that most punters will need the loo throughout the show.  It is perhaps testament to the show that most people ‘keep it in’

until the end of the show so as not to miss anything as the queue for every single one of the toilets in the Med Quad

afterwards proves!




The Thinking Drinkers: History of Alcohol is playing at  Underbelly, Med Quad

until 27th August (not 16th)