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Sticks Stones

Broken Bones

Underbelly Potterow

Sunday 7th August 12.10



If you have seen a Bunk Puppets show before then you know the wonder and amazement felt as you leave an arena. But

when you hear a couple next to you, having just picked up a pamphlet for his next show (which was on just after this!)

say “oh that was wonderful how imaginative”, you know they have been converted to the wonderful world of the bunk



We start with a gentle entrance into this wonderful world with the Puppeteer asking yours truly how you felt the show was

going, before it had even begun. Wonderfully eccentric.


When you have the host hand out pieces of duct tape to the audience you are wondering where is he going with this. But

when he creates his first puppet out of this and you hear the audible gasp it is moments like this you are thankful you are

alive. Little touches like using peoples shoes as props and people themselves to conduct some form of puppet versus human

fight scene help this show personable and even though I can see this being the overlooked older sister of the run in

Edinburgh, I would implore people to watch it again. Simply because I spoke to Darkchatter Dave about the scenes and he

doesn’t believe that this was in the original show he had watched originally years ago.


Jeff Achtem and the bunk puppets have almost become must see viewing for us at Darkchat. His unique blend of almost

cartoonish plots and childlike enthusiasm would make you think that this would be suitable for just children. But as the man

says himself and I may be paraphrasing here “No matter how old you get, never forget to play”. A sentiment that lifted me, if I felt I could ever be more

so, by a show involving pieces of rubbish and duct tape.


Come back anytime you like Mr Achtem.



Sticks Stones Broken Bones plays daily until Aug 29th

at Underbelly Potterow