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 Soweto Gospel Choir

 Assembly Mound (Venue 35)

 Tuesday 8th August 14.40



DarkChat first saw Soweto Gospel Choir back in 2007 and they were spectacular, taking home the very first DarkChat Award for Show of the Year.  As it was our 10th anniversary we decided it was only fitting to go and see them again to see how they may have changed as an act over the years and to take our 8 year old sons and smallest DarkChatters along to see what they made of them.


As previously, they are playing at Assembly Mound in the main hall to over 800 people and the place is absolutely packed out which is testament to their popularity not only at the Fringe but beyond (they have multiple Grammy and Emmy nominations and wins).  Once everyone is settled the room is full again but this time of music and soaring voices as the choir enter the stage.


The good news for us is that they are still as wonderful as they were all those years ago, led on stage by Shimmy Jiyane

the audience are welcomed in all 11 official languages of South Africa and the hour absolutely flies by before we are

waved away with huge smiles on our faces.


I attend the Fringe each year and hope to be blown away by a show.  I had waited a few days and whilst I had seen some

good shows there was nothing that quite fitted that category, until this show. The music is uplifiting, the singing from each

and every one of the choir practically note perfect and  fills the large room - you will sing along, you will laugh, there is

every chance you will cry but you will leave knowing you have spent one of the best hours you are likely to spend this

week.  The show is not cheap to get into, especially when compared to the free shows that are now around but this will

be money well spent.  


Go on treat yourself.





Reviews by 8 Year Olds


The music that Soweto Gospel Choir played was happy, lively and even sometimes sad. The instruments they played were the keyboard and drums.


In Soweto people speak 11 different languages (10 African languages and English). At the start they said hello in the 11 different languages.


The best songs were Hallelujah and I Feel Good. Their costumes were extremely colourful.


We loved Soweto Gospel Choir so much that we bought a CD.






 Soweto Gospel Choir are at Assembly Mound (Venue 35)

until August 27th