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Shappi Khorsandi: Mistress and Misfit

Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17)

Monday 7th August 18.40


Most comedians take, as their subject matter, material from everyday life that the audience can easily identify with.  

So it is a brave choice to abandon this format and find a distinctive voice.  Shappi Khorsandi has chosen the life of

Emma, Lady Hamilton, as the subject of her show.  She is quick to explain to her audience that a knowledge of

history is not necessary to enjoy what will follow.  She then asks one of the younger members of the audience

which period of history she is currently studying at school and is delighted to get the reply "It's the summer



We learn that Emma was a witty, beautiful and courageous woman who refused to accept her lot in life and

Shappi points out the differences between the choices available to women then and now.  There are some hilarious

stories when she draws some comparisons between her life and Emma's but also some very touching moments.  

The comedian is visibly moved when reading early letters from Emma to the father of her child and from Horatio

Nelson, reflecting on her position as his mistress, in the event of his early death.  


If you want to see someone in complete command of their material, who can captivate an audience by talking about the private lives of Britain's first celebrity couple, then this is the show for you.






Shappi Khorsandi: Mistress and Misfit is at

Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) until August 27th (not 14th)