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Shakespeare in the Garden: What You Will

C venues – C south (Venue 58),

Thursday 13th August, 18.30


With DarkChatter's Kate, Anne and Ruth enjoying "Edinburgh Gin O'clock" as part of their Ladies Night

Out, DarkChatter's David and Carl took advantage of a  lovely Edinburgh Summer's evening to take out the

Junior DarkChatters.


Despite the latter pair only being 6 we thought it was time they had their 1st encounter with Shakespeare.

Although this was our 5th year staying in accommodation just around the corner we were unaware of the

lovely venue of C South, an oversight I shall attempt to rectify in 2016.


Arriving early we sat on the blankets provided and enjoyed a nice picnic in the lovely garden. "What You Will"

is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare, including a many of his most famous characters. I was expecting the

balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet but not necessarily the post Duncan murder scene from Macbeth and

definitely not Richard III's seduction of Lady Anne.


The fact that it all works so well is down to The Globe Players themselves. This small band of actors play a variety of roles as well as placing the plays in historical context. This is therefore both high quality entertainment and a valuable history lesson as well as showing how these plays would originally have been performed, in the open air & featuring a company of actors who all play a variety of parts.


So, this is a perfect early evening treat but do not fear that the Scottish weather will revert to type, they will simply move indoors to a neighbouring church.






Shakespeare in the Garden: What You Will plays daily until Aug 31 at C venues – C south (Venue 58)



Reviews by 6 Year Olds


Richard III’s body was found in Leicester, he killed Henry and Edward, the Prince of Wales.  I watched it and had a picnic while we watched, they didn’t use a stage.



I liked it because the actors played lots of characters, my favourite bit was when every time one said witches all the others came running out dressed as witches, it was really funny.