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Rob Newman: The Brain Show


Saturday 6th August, 19.15


Summerhall is one of Darkchat's favourite venues, hosting memorable and thought-provoking shows and it was here

that I commenced this year's Fringe Festival with Robert Newman's show about the brain.


It was a beautiful Saturday evening and the Main Hall at Summerhall was full. Robert Newman's splendidly tweedy

costume was an uncomfortable choice for a warm room but appropriate, as he doesn't quite seem to belong to this

century.  The theme was prompted by his participation in a brain-imaging experiment which led him to research the

subject and  the show is expertly woven together with comic characters, memorably silly props and music to help

illustrate points, making the subject more accessible.


Whilst watching the show, it did occur to me that perhaps the BBC should consider giving this talented performer a

series and let Prof Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain have the occasional day off?


If you have an interest in science and also enjoy laughing then this is the perfect show for you.





JRob Newman: The Brain Show plays daily until Aug 28 (not 15th)

at Summerhall