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C Venues - C Cubed

Sunday 6th August 18.45



We have been attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 1986 and as DarkChat since 2007. Increasingly, we find theatre the hardest section of the brochure in which to find good shows. 2 years ago I saw (and was very impressed by) Fear No Colour's production of Sara Kane's "Cleansed". This was good "in your face" theatre which doesn't appeal to any other DarkChatterss but I think it is important to feel uncomfortable at least once a festival.


This year they have chosen Anthony Neilsen's "Penetrator" and as I enjoyed a version of his "Realism" at the Welsh

College of Music and Drama a few years ago I was lured back. As we enter the audtiorium Max is playing patience (and

relaxing with other pastimes) until joined by Alan. Together we learn about their humdrum lives and Max's recent failed

relationship, which he is clearly struggling to recover from. All is quite pally and fun until their old friend Tadge

unexpectedly arrives. Suddenly the atmosphere changes and there is now an air of menace as it becomes clear that his

experience in the army has ended badly. His ramblings are generally contradictory and incoherent but he s adamant that

he is being pursued by The Penetrators! It is not difficult to work out what he claims to have had done to him or where the

play is heading.


This was never likely to be a barrel of laughs and does ramp up the tension generally to almost unbearable levels. The

acting from Chris Duffy, Matt Roberts and Tom White is excellent throughout but it is a hard play to claim to enjoy. However,

the Fringe is all about taking chances and it is good to challenge yourself. It is easy just to pick shows you knew where you

know what to expect and have a safe experience. "Penetrator" is the antithesis of that and definitely worth a visit.






Penetrator is playing at C Cubed

at 18.45 until 12th August