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Patti Plinko – Dreadful Little Girl

Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8)

Monday 7th August 21.40


Darkchat David and Anne have been admirers of this talented singer/songwriter since seeing 'Patti Plinko and Her Boy' at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008. We enjoyed the brief incarnation of Helene with the show 'Bonsoir Monsieur Nightfall' last year, but, although she is a talented interpreter of the songs of others, it is gratifying to see the return of this distinctive writer performing her own material again, ably assisted by Joseph Warwick on guitar and Niamh Saunders on violin.


After beginning the show with the haunting 'Lady Maud' and the dark fairy tale 'Dreadful Little Girl', Patti Plinko explains

that women in films and literature have inspired some of her songs.  She commences with Virginia Woolf, giving a

mesmerising performance of 'The Waves', followed by the playful 'Celia Johnson' and a foray into the bizarre world of B

Movies.  Although she sometimes seems to belong to another time, there are contemporary references, such as 'The

Angel', a reflection on media coverage of acts of terror.  


As Patti Plinko mentions, they have shed their Doc Martins but there is still plenty of foot stomping and sheer joy in

performance, with some memorably competitive duets between guitar and violin.


To sum up, it seems appropriate to quote from one of films referenced in the show "You've been a long way away.  

Thank you for coming back to us".





Patti Plinko:  Dreadful Little Girl is at

Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8) until August 27th (not Mondays)