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Assembly George Square Theatre

Tuesday 9th August 11.30


At the end of every festival I feel we should have seen more dance. We were thrilled to see that the Java Dance Company

were returning with “ In The Wine” having previously loved “ Back Of The Bus” (also here).


When choosing shows the key factor is often the time of the show. 1 -10pm seems to be our busiest period so it is easier to

select an early show, providing you don’t feel the need for a lie-in.  As our last show on the Monday finished at 10.00pm I

thought (correctly) that we could make a 11.30am start and duly picked “Once “ an interesting looking show from Derevo a

perennial festival favourite though they had been absent since 2012.


The explanation in the brochure was a little vague probably as it is difficult to summarise what occurs before your eyes. It

starts calmly with our hero sweeping a restaurant floor while the love of his life serves tables. Whilst he is the lowest of the

low she is courted by a well-to-do fellow and as the blurb states “it is better to be heartbroken than heartless” you know it

won’t end well for our favourite.


This show, however, is about visual images rather than following the plot in minute detail. Derevo specialize in astonishingly

visual scenes, 2 mischievous souls follow the waitress with her own personal rain cloud, a picture takes on a life of its own,

a dodgy Cupid figure, the obligatory stilts moment etc.  If you like a linear story you can follow (like my wife) this won’t be your kind of show. But, if you like controlled madness, exceptional dance, interesting music choices (who doesn’t want to hear “ Love Hurts” , the Nazarath version, I believe) you will love it, like me!


This is not a new show but still has plenty to recommend it and if you like the unusual I strongly recommend it. Thank you Derevo, please hurry back.





Once.... plays daily until Aug 29th (not 22nd)

at Assembly George Square Theatre