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Not The Horse

theSpace On The Mile

Thursday 11th August 19.35


On a damp Tuesday evening we headed to theSpace on the Mile to watch a play billed as a cross between Quentin Tarantino

and Monty Python, neither of which we are particularly fond of. Why, therefore, might we do something so absurd? Well, the

pull of the company’s name ‘Naughty Corner Productions’ was too hard to resist, and so despite our lack of fondness for the

plays closest comparisons, we went, and with understandably low expectations. Thankfully, as is so often the case, the

shows you look forward to the least are the ones you remember the most.


The heavily-cast play (eleven in total – alarm bells were ringing) concerns a young scouser who manages to get into a debt

of £250,000 with a local gangster through being duped by some con artists into buying a racehorse which, as it turns out, is

no more a racehorse than a sausage would be. The play then follows three groups of people; 3 young scousers trying to

raise the money by stealing horse semen from the gangster (yet inadvertently stealing his horse instead), the ‘Don’ gangster

and his 3 hoodlums as they attempt to recover the stolen horse, and the 3 con artists who are looking to find some way of

muscling on in the action. As the action switches between the 3 plots, there is the occasional emergence of arms dealer ‘Silk’,

the Shaft-like character who acts as the link between the 3 groups.


As the synopsis suggests, this is a silly play that, thankfully, hits all the right notes on the comedy front. Despite the heavy cast

list, each character is fully developed and unique, and would detract something from the play had they been omitted from the

script. This is largely thanks to the strong performances throughout, with not a weak link in sight. Music is used to perfection, most notably to announce the emergence of Silk from the shadows, who has plenty of humorous treats in store for the audience. The jokes come thick and fast, and the show simply flies by. Our only regret is that we weren’t able to see their second show that is running at the Fringe, but we will certainly looking for this talented group next year.


Not the horse? More like the dogs b******s!



Not The Horse plays on 19th, 23rd, 25th & 27th August

at theSpace On The Mile