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The New Maths Magic Show


Sunday 6th August 11.10


The benefit\downside to having a pair of 8 year old twins with us in Edinburgh (delete as you see fit) is that my annual Fringe experience now involves a LOT of family shows each year. When we let the kids choose their own shows in this years Fringe brochure one of the first on their list was New Maths Magic by Jason Davison, clearly this is down to top parenting giving them a love of Maths and not just as they love Magic!


Davison is both a Mathematician and Magician and tells us that he will combine the two to teach us a bit of Maths whilst hopefully impressing us with a bit of Magic at the same time.


Whilst I’m not sure how much of the Maths I took on board (the kids did better than I did) the illusions are impressive and

keep the packed audience keen (and also involved as assistants throughout) and the final reveal at the end of the show is

particularly special and still has the kids talking about it days later.


If your kids love Maths or Magic (or both) take yourself along to Hispaniola for a thoroughly enjoyable hour. Just make

sure to get there early, the room was full to bursting when we were there and as the festival progresses will no doubt

stay just as busy.





Reviews by 8 year olds


This show was by a Magician called Jason who used maths, he did amazing tricks and used volunteers to help him. One of us was able to volunteer and got to choose some fruit for a trick and the name of the fruit was hidden inside an egg shell, it was very clever.


We got to learn about binary and ternary numbers and how they help with the tricks.  


The last trick was incredibly awesome!



The New Maths Magic Show is playing at Hispaniola

at 11.10 until 26th August