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 Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science


Our mini-DarkChatters had enjoyed Mark Thompson at the 2015 Fringe when they saw his Space Cadet’s Academy so when the 2017 brochure dropped through our letterbox a number of months ago and they chose what they wanted to see this was right near the top of their list.


This year Thompson is playing the Gilded Balloon at The Museum, whose day to day job as a lecture theatre and presentation space lends itself perfectly to what is essentially a number of science experiments carried out by Thompson with a variety of bangs, booms, puffs and general whoops from the young audience.  A large table at the front of the room holds various liquids, glasses and  chemicals and there is a sense of anticipation as to what is going to be used to show us what.


As each mini-experiment is laid out the audience are clearly more and more impressed and the hour passes quickly and

leaves both the kids and the grown-ups in the crowd wishing we might be able to see just one more.  Thompson’s style is

as much about learning as it is entertainment and he is clearly a skilled and experienced sci-comm presenter.


Like a lot of parents in the room I was pleased that my kids would choose to go to such a show and hoped that they might

learn a little whilst also being entertained.  I can’t feel that they took much in the way of specific knowledge out of the room

that they will carry with them but they did bring out a sense of wonder and a feeling of excitement around science in general

so in that respect it is job done from Thompson.


Whatever your reason for taking your children to see this show don’t be fooled into thinking it will be a boring science lecture,

science communication has come a long way  in the last few years, your kids will really enjoy themselves (see below), you

will be entertained and if you pay close enough attention you might even learn something!





Reviews by 8 Year Olds


The show was about Science and the person doing it was Mark Thompson, he did amazing tricks like burning a Jelly Baby, SMASHING GLASS AND PUTTING IT BACK TOGETHER WITH LIQUID and MAKING A FIRE TORNADO.


I enjoyed the science and magic in the show and how he made somebody’s hair spike up.


The best thing about it was that it was full of EXPERIMENTS that blow your mind.


I recommend that 5+ see it because there is some loud bangs.




Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science is at

Gilded Balloon at the Museum (Venue 64) until August 27th (not 21st)

 Gilded Balloon at the Museum (Venue 64)

 Thursday 10th August