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Melbourne Ska Orchestra

Gilded Balloon Teviot

Thursday 11th August, 18.00


Generally, I feel I have a very eclectic music taste (he is not kidding! - Ed.), ranging from jazz, heavy metal, via classical  music

but for some reason I detest Reggae music with a passion and often have to turn off the radio if any is played. However, I love

its neglected cousin.  Ska music.


Hoping that they would live up to their name, I booked to see the Melbourne Ska Orchestra and boy did I make the right choice.

Declining the offer to sit at the front due to excessively loud noise we perched ourselves at the first row of the tiered seats so

we had room to gyrate around if the mood took us, which it did!


Led by the charismatic Nicky Bomba this was a large orchestra which somehow managed to be both raucous and incredibly

tight at the same time. The music was generally unknown  to me (which I approve of whole-heartedly) and was a mixture of

instrumental and vocal pieces. Vocal duties were spread around and a lot of different musicians were allowed to show off their

unexpected vocal talents.


The lively repertoire was brilliantly interspersed with amusing banter from the musicians, especially when they announced that

the singer who provided a bouncy version of “The Best Things In Life Are Free” was (and still is) their coach driver.


Six days of the fringe ensured that we may have perhaps swayed and tapped our feet (generally in time) rather than indulged

in lively dancing but we thoroughly enjoyed watching more energetic (and frankly more rhythmic) dancers than us doing their stuff.


To state this hour flew by is a great compliment to all concerned. As the orchestra disappeared from the stage one by one we could reflect that we were honoured to be at such a wonderful and memorable concert.


And not a reggae note could be heard. Hurrah!


Many thanks to all concerned.



Melbourne Ska Orchestra have finished their run at this year's Fringe

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