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Mouse – The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought

Traverse Theatre

Saturday 6th August, 22.00


What more is there to say about Daniel Kitson? Nothing, really as his reputation proceeds him.  A generic question in a

DARKCHAT interview is " who is your favourite performer"? Invariably the answer is Daniel Kitson, who may not be a

household name (outside Edinburgh) but he truly is a Comedian's Comedian.


He returns to the Traverse Theatre with "Mouse - The Persistence Of An Unlikely Thought" . Proving his attention to detail

he is on stage as the audience enters ensuring his props are exactly where he wants them.


This is a performance piece where he plays William who is kept late at work by a random phone-call. As the play flits

backwards and forwards in time we gradually get to understand this character and gthe choices he has made to be

where he now is.  We all know how god a writer Daniel Kitson is but you forget how good an actor he is. Although this is

a one person show he spends a lot of time on the phone inter-acting with pre-recorded characters.


Being the cheapskates that we are we attended on a preview night. Due to an attack of measles just before the festival

the show wasn't exactly seamless. However, when things went wrong (which was quite a lot)  Kitson just leapt out of

character, addressing the audience directly, which only helped to endear him to us even more. Then, in a mlllisecond he

was back in character and off we went again.


Starting at 10.00pm Saturday evening, this was scheduled to end at 11.20pm but we didn't actually get into the fresh air until Sunday morning, but all the DarkChatters there (who had awoken at 5.00am Saturday morning in Cardiff) wouldn't have missed a second of it.


It was an astonishing tour de force and a pleasure to spend some tine with a comedy legend.




Mouse – The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought plays daily until Aug 28 (not 15th or 22nd)

at The Traverse Theatre