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A Monk's Tale: Relics, Revolt and Reformation

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

Sunday 6th August 11.30



Being a democracy I occasionally allow DarkChatter Anne to select a show. Oddly, a comedy about the 16th reformation wouldn't have been my 1st choice, which would have been my loss.


Written by James Cary this is the story of Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King) told by 3 perfomers through sketches, songs and dancing. On paper this sounds like a naff university student idea cobbled together over croissants and Double Decaff lattes with a caramel infusion, but in the hands of a talented writer and performers this worked perfectly.


Sunday morning seems to be the perfect time, historically, for us to see excellent musical entertainment as this timeslot

has previously given us the Splendid "Adam & Eve the Musical" and last year the wondrous "The Miserables".


I will be honest & admit that when the 3 performers bounded onto stage my expectations weren't high. However, it quickly

became clear they were all talented in their own right and we could relax as we were clearly in safe hands.


For reasons I can't begin to understand sketch comedy seems to be a dying art at the Edinburgh festival but here it ALL

worked perfectly with each sketch interlinking and moving the story on. It also succeeded in being that rare combination of

being extremely funny and very informative exploring a complex religious period without being preachy or sagging (a rare

occurrence in an hour's show).


Although the songs were mainly new it was good to hear fun unexpected covers, whereelse would you come across both

JayZee & the Bee Gees in a single hour.


Compiling an Edinburgh festival spread sheet is all about a balance between seeing favourite performers whilst leaving time to discover new favourites. For me the joy of a festival is uncovering an unexpected gem. "A Monk's Tale" fits that category.


Highly recommended.



A Monk's Tale: Relics, Revolt and Reformation is

at Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14) until August 23rd