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The Miserables

Just The Tonic at The Caves

Sunday 7th August, 12.00


Yesterday started with an alarm call at 5.00am in Cardiff and ended we got back to our flat at 1.15 am. (See our previous review).  

So, a Noon start wasn't exactly welcoming and we did consider dropping our 1st Sunday show. This would have been a disaster

as "The Miserables" was an  unexpected triumph.


Billed as a parody of "Les Miserables" Master Productions actually used the original songs and just changed the words accordingly.


This is the story of 3 employees of Land Of Laminates. One long-time secretary has had the life drained out of her after several

years in the unsexy world of floor carpeting. She is finally leaving and being replaced by a more enthusiastic girl from I.T. This is

an old-fashioned office where they are expected to do all the menial work of their boss who is unable to sort out his wife's birthday

and anniversary presents etc.


This outline doers not sound original and overly interesting but by using the familiar and well-loved tunes from this successful West

End musical a Sunday audience is constantly in hysterics


The choice of songs is perfect, the amended lyrics are brilliantly funny and this talented cast are all able to do these, often difficult songs, justice.


This is one of those shows the festival is all about, a hidden gem that make you feel proud of unearthing. It helps if you know the songs, but not essential. If you do know the songs you will love it. If you have worked in a boring office you will love it. If you like having fun you will love it.


In other words, just GO!




The MIserables plays daily until Aug 28 (not 15th)

at Just The Tonic at The Caves