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Minky: A Sketch Show

Just The Tonic at The Caves

Monday 7th August, 11.20


Sketch comedy is not quite the dominant force in Edinburgh that it once was, which means there’s an opportunity for

new groups to take the genre by the throat and claim it for their own. Eager to discover the next big thing, we headed

to the Caves to watch Cambridge trio ‘Minky’, in hope we’d discovered the next big thing.


What we witnessed was the usual display of mixed bag sketches – ranging from the highs of the work experience guy

and a reluctant litter picker, to the lows of some sort of odd John Lennon/Yoko Ono sketch which, sadly, proved to be

an ill-advised recurring character. The sketch group are solid performers, with a wide range of sizes, genders and

facial expressions considering there were only 3 of them, and this helped carry them through some of the weaker



Like many groups in their early days, they had several good ideas, but all too often struggled to end them; we

maintain that the best groups in sketch comedy are not the ones who start sketches well, but end them well also. If

Minky want to make any great strides then they need to ensure this is what they manage ion the future, or else we

fear for the extinction of Minky in the future.


Not quite stinky but not quite minty fresh, neither.





Minky: A Sketch Show plays daily until Aug 20 (not 15th)

at Just The Tonic at The Caves