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 Michelle Shocked: Truth vs Reality

 The Boards (Venue 59)

 Tuesday 8th August 20.00



We (DarkChat David and Anne) have admired this singer/songwriter since being introduced to  'The Texas Campfire Tapes' in the mid 1980s and see Michelle Shocked perform whenever we have the opportunity.  


We were therefore delighted to discover she would be at the Edinburgh Fringe this year but surprised to find her show

listed as Music/Performance Art.   The reason for this is soon apparent.  Michelle Shocked apologies at the outset that

she is not yet word perfect so will keep her notes to hand, as she doesn't want to miss any detail of the story she has

to tell.  


It is a sobering tale of stifled creativity, misunderstanding and misrepresentation.  Despite her trials and tribulations, this

talented writer and performer's love of music is undiminished and her story is interspersed with songs from her  'Captain

Swing' album.


We understand why Michelle Shocked needs to tell her story but the message is unrelenting.  We would have loved to

hear some new songs from this artist with such a distinct musical voice, however,  the absence of new material is

perhaps the point of her show.





 Michelle Shocked is at The Boards (Venue 59)

until August 16th