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Lula del Ray by Manual Cinema

Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302)

 Tuesday 8th August 16.30



Everyone remembers the overhead projector from school, often the teacher would slide in a picture or graph scribed onto acetate only to realise it was the wrong way up or out of focus and hastily re-arrange it so that you could work out what on earth it was meant to be.  The idea of using not 1 but 3 of these projectors to present a Fringe show would seem like lunacy to most people however what the talented performers from Manual Cinema have managed to create proves that this is far from the truth.


Combining the projectors with live action actors and props we see a completely unique performance telling the story of

lonely Lula who living in a caravan with her mother monitoring radio signals from satellite dishes with no time for her.  

She finds solace in her pocket radio, music and longs to escape to the big city to see her idols perform.


Complementing the projection are some excellent live musicians and voice performers and you can’t help but have your

eyes drawn away from the main screen at times whilst wondering “how exactly are they doing that!?”  


The story is good enough to hold the attention of even the smallest DarkChatter, our 8 year-olds completely engrossed

despite some initial misgivings and one of them is left in tears during the stories although after the (slight spoiler) happy

ending the tears dry up.


One word of warning, the room is very comfortable and very dark and if you’ve been running around Edinburgh all day and perhaps had a small glass of something with your lunch you run the risk of falling asleep like one of our DarkChatters did.  


Try your best not to do that, you’ll miss an absolute treat!






Reviews by 8 Year Olds



It was a story about a Lula Del Ray and her mum. The used their shadows to do the show and this was awesome. The backgrounds were put on screen by overhead projectors.


In the story the girl ran away secretly to see her favourite band (The Baden Brothers). Her mum couldn't find her but when she went looking for  Lula, she got back and they couldn't find each other. One bit of the story made one of us cry!


They had great acting skills. It was fantastic.


We say that all ages should see it. It was extremely clever.



Lula del Ray by Manual Cinema is at Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302)

until August 28th (not 14th)