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Kill The Beast:

He Had Hairy Hands

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Monday 8th August, 18.25


At Darkchat we years for some good comedy plays, an art that seems to have died out at Edinburgh recently. Long gone are

the Penny Dreadfuls, whilst the Beta Males seem to have hung up their grey suits for good also. So, when we spotted Kill the

Beast we were hopeful we’d be savaged with laughter, rather than be tickled by someone with…hairy hands.


We must start thus review by stating that this is a very, VERY impressive show that for 70 minutes does not come up for air.

The performers must dispel more energy than the entire festival combined as they sing, dance and scream their way through

a horror comedy that, unfortunately, fails to deliver sufficiently on either count in our humble opinions.


The performances are top-notch, whilst some of the word play in the songs is exquisite (particularly the werewolf song), and

the group push physical comedy to the max. Unfortunately it simply wasn’t for us, though we appreciate the effort that went

into making it. For us, it was very much like a Real Madrid squad of ten years ago; all the boxes were ticked, but for some reason

it didn’t quite work as a whole. We think the problem lies in the story itself; it simply isn’t interesting enough to keep your attention,

and whilst you can easily get washed away with the skill, charm and pace of it, we yearned for something that actually made a

little sense.


It’s a fine line between entertaining your audience and captivating them, and we felt there was simply too much emphasis on getting all of their great ideas in that they simply forgot to write a decent script to tie it all together. Still, we are optimistic, and will be back for more next year.


No need to kill the beast, but he could perhaps do with a pick-me-up!



Kill The Beast: He Had Hairy Hands plays daily until Aug 29th (not 15th or 26th)

at Pleasance Courtyard