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Kieran Boyd: Egg

Gilded Balloon at the Counting House

Sunday 7th August, 16.45


Kieran Boyd, of Darkchat-favourite WitTank fame, takes his stand-up debut show to the smallest, pokiest, warmest spot

in Edinburgh. Still, in spite of being restricted in his ability to stand fully erect in the venue, Boyd delivers an enjoyable and

pleasant hour of stand-up comedy in an arena which was probably used to accommodating a vacuum cleaner, mop and,

if there was room, perhaps even a dustpan and brush.


Boyd’s stand-up is a gentle romp through memories of growing up as an awkward teenager, encounters with eccentric

family members, the occasional romp with a member of the opposite sex, and a fear of haemoglobin.


In terms of stand-up, its far from revolutionary stuff, and perhaps disappointingly so given the cutting-edge material he

was involved in on an annual basis in his WitTank exploits. But fear not, for there are some stand out moments to be had

in your time with Boyd, provided you are willing to go along with the enjoyable, if not particularly humorous, tales and (in

our opinion) directionless ramble about his love of heavy metal.


In short, it didn’t tank, but there wasn’t too much wit in there neither.






Kieran Boyd: Egg plays daily until Aug 29

Gilden Balloon at The Counting House