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It’s lunchtime downstairs at The Stand, we’ve already seen Donald Trump and Teresa May on a big screen, poo has been mentioned at least once and the many kids in the room are screaming, laughing and throwing paper balls around.  For many parents it sounds like the absolute idea of hell, especially those of us that were perhaps up a little too late last night!  


Keith Farnan is Brehon, a 400 year old Irish druid who has woken after a long (long) sleep to find the world in a mess after years of poor decisions made by adults, and therefore decides it would be best giving children the chance to take over and make the decisions for themselves.   Aided by stickler for the rules bureaucrat Eve Elle (get it?) Brehon sets out how the children can rule for themselves through a set of questions and answers to the audience.


The kids get to vote for a King & Queen and also a President, choose if they’ll let in adults and (pertinently) an illegal

alien, tellingly the adults will only be let in with conditions whereas the alien is welcome.  The show culminates in the

children protecting their new found pillars of liberty, equality and farting for eternity on which the Island of Kidocracy

is built.


Not as hellish as it might at first sound and the kids loved it, also a word of warning to any parents that do attend,

make sure you work on your paper plane and ping-pong ball throwing arm, it might just stand you in good stead.





Reviews by 8 Year Olds


It was about kids ruling the world. The main character was a Brehon from 400 years ago.


The best bit was when we got to choose what to do and the boys got a chocolate cave and the girls got a toy forest. There was someone called Eve L who should be called Evil as she was mean. The Grown-ups were rubbish because they got 0 votes to be in charge and children got 15.


I recommend this show for anyone 4 and older.



Kidocracy is at

The Stand Comedy Club 3 until August 20th

 The Stand Comedy Club 3

 Wednesday 9th August