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 Indie as F*ck

I’ve been struggling to put my finger on this one for a short while now since seeing Indie as F*ck at C Royale.  Sometimes you come away from a Fringe show having thoroughly enjoyed yourself and at other times you feel like you have wasted an hour of your life.  Having watched Pinched! Theatre’s show I came away feeling neither in particular and when asked about it afterwards I told friends that ‘Yeah it was OK’.


The acting was OK, the music was OK, the story was OK so I can’t quite put my finger on why it didn’t hit any higher

heights for me and I also definitely didn’t hate it.  The 5 young performers play a mixture of half music set and half

scripted show as they tell us the story of the (slight) rise and fall of Cold Light, a band formed at school looking to make

it big.  As with a lot of younger groups there are some performers that outperform the others as they tell of the attempted

reformation of the band years after their initial failure to make it big.  When they are playing some of the vocal and guitar

work on show is good and a short skit with two of the performers becoming very convincing bouncers is particularly

funny, especially for those that have ever suffered at the hands of the over-officious Door-Police.


Perhaps it was the room, buried underground at C Royale on George Street the shape didn’t lend itself well to a band

set and perhaps if the room had been set up ‘bar-like’ or even in the back room of a pub somewhere (lord knows there

are enough of those being used as Fringe venues) then I would have been more convinced.


A show and a group that have a lot going for them who hopefully can move beyond the ‘OK’ in time.






Indie as F*ckt is at

C venues – C royale (Venue 6) until August 28th (not 15th)

 C venues – C royale (Venue 6)

 Tuesday 8th August