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In The Wine

Assembly Checkpoint

Thursday 10th August, 13.10


Having enjoyed the Java Dance Company’s Back of the Bus in 2014, Darkchat David and Anne decided to try the New Zealand

company’s new work In the Wine at Assembly Checkpoint.  In this piece, beautifully choreographed by Sacha Copland, the

process of wine making, from grape to bottle, is used as a metaphor for the evolution of society from innocence* and celebration

to conflict and its aftermath.  


The dancers perform in a simple set of beer barrels and boxes, surrounded by the audience, creating a sense of intimacy and

opportunities for some gentle audience participation.  The company are also performing Back of the Bus at the Fringe Festival and

some of the cast alternate between the two shows.  On the day that Darkchat attended, the dancers were Sarah Gatzonis, Emma

Coppersmith, Michael Gudgeon, Charles Davenport and Tristan Carter, the latter two performers also having composed the score.


The music was performed live and ranged from simple drumming to stringed accompaniment – the performers switching from

musician to dancer and back with seamless dexterity.  


Although this piece is not as instantly accessible, perhaps, as Back of the Bus, it is an enchanting way to spend an hour and the

scent of rosemary will remind me of this piece for some time to come.  


*Warning - may contain traces of nudity.



In The Wine plays daily (not 22nd) until 29th August

at Assembly Checkpoint