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How to Be a Kid

Roundabout @ Summerhall (Venue 26)

Wednesday 9th August 16.05



Paines Plough Theatre bring Sarah McDonald-Hughes How to be a Kid to Summerhall for this year’s Fringe in The Roundabout pop-up Theatre.  This is a tale of 12 year-old Molly, her kid brother Joe and how they are forced to deal with loss, mental health issues and time in care.


The three person cast are all excellent utilising the round space superbly and without props or set they paint a picture of life at home, in a care home and also on the road (in a particularly entertaining scene) for the young audience.  Hasan Dixon is especially believable as 6 year old Joe - despite being over 6 feet tall – as he bounds about the stage with the kind of energy that will tire out any watching parents.


A tough subject is dealt with in a way that doesn’t leave the audience feel like they have been through the wringer and

works on enough levels that it can be enjoyed by the adults and the kids on our group. Our eight year-olds came away

with an understanding as to what had happened to the characters, why they were feeling what they were feeling but at

the same time having enjoyed some of the fun in the play (and a lot of Taylor Swift).


I came away thinking that I had seen something well-written, well-performed and well put together. Congratulations to

all concerned.






Reviews by 8 Year Olds


The show was about a girl called Molly who is only 12 and she looks after her mum and little brother, Joe.


I enjoyed it when Joe was funny and he had a lot of annoyingness in him. Molly had to look after her mum and stay in a children's home for 5 weeks and this made me feel sad. The best thing about it was when Molly and her friend danced to the Taylor Swift music.


I recommend that people of any ages should see it because it is so good.



How to Be a Kid is at Roundabout @ Summerhall (Venue 26)

until August 27th (not 15th)