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 Monday 7th August 10.00



Increasingly we find it difficult to find good theatre in the Edinburgh Fringe festival brochure. We are not overly interested in revivals so we are looking for new writing, which obviously brings no guarantees of quality.


In the early days of DarkChat we didn't use to see shows in the morning but as we now try to squeeze in as many shows

as possible an early start is handy. This explains our appearance at Summerhall before 10.00 am to see a new play by

Icelandic group Rokkur Friggjarxccu. "Hero" is written (and directed) by Anna Iris Petersudottir and follows a handful of

young people in an unspecified country, at an unspecified time dealing with a war against The Hounds.


The opening scenes are lively and intriguing but soon fall into an obvious pattern. It became clear to me fairly early on

where this play was heading and sadly I was right. Although it is well-acted I found the plot predictable and eventually it

fell into the realms of melodrama which was a shame as there were some lovely gently touches eg the use of small

stones to indicate burial plots.


I am loathe to crtiticise a young company but a less sign-posted narrative would have held my attention longer. A brave

try but it needs to be tighter and more focussed.




Hero is playing at Summerhall

at 10.00 until 14th August