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The Gin Chronicles:  A Scottish Adventure

artSpace @ St Marks

Wednesday 10th August, 18.30


It’s been a while since we saw one of those radio show plays with shiny microphones, on-stage props as sound effects,

and a script set in the 1940s. It was therefore with glee (and a free gin and tonic, as it turned out) that we headed to St

Marks Church for the latest offering from the London Misfits.


The story was wonderfully typical, concerning a private detective and a whole host of shady characters. With gin in short

supply, it turns out that someone is restricting the supply of juniper berries to the UK, and so it is up to our hero to get to the

root of the problem before London becomes as dry in terms of gin as the many bottles of gin suggest. The investigation takes

him, and his accomplice, to Scotland where he meets a whole variety of characters including Hollywood movie stars, police

officers, and old war heroes.


The pace of the action is maintained with enthusiastic performances, on-stage squabbling amongst the actors, an absurd

amount of plugging for their gin brand of choice, and creative sound effects including the use of a lettuce and a leek.


It is a thoroughly anjoyable and innocent hour of comedy, and a genre we feel is represented in all to short supply at the

Fringe in most years. It is not perfect; the story is perhaps a bit waffly at times, the performers don’t quite differentiate

between their characters sufficiently well for us to instantly work out who is who, and whilst amusing at first we did get a

bit fed up of all the gin plugging.


However, this is a show we thoroughly enjoyed and strongly recommend you take the effort of making your way to a venue quite far from the central hub of Fringe activity as, at the very least, there will be a gin and tonic waiting for you.


It was quite a Scottish adventure trekking to the venue, but definitely time well spent



The Gin Chronicles plays daily until Aug 25th (not 21st)

at artSpace @ StMarks