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Assembly Roxy (Venue 139) ,

Friday 14th August, 12.30


Flight is a sequel to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s children’s book, The Little Prince, published during the

Second World War. The inspiration for the novel came from the author’s experiences after crashing his

plane in the Egyptian desert and the Californian company, Curbside, has devised a show to tell the

aviator’s next adventure.


Performed by three acrobats who portray both the characters (including a cactus) and the means to

transport the aviator to his various destinations, this show is a visual treat. The fluidity and grace with

which the performers moved the narrative along seemed effortless and the young audience was enthralled.

Where some other children’s shows on the Fringe rely on lively participation to keep the audience engaged,

Flight creates a sense of stillness and calm that is quite hypnotic - the underwater swimming sequence in

particular was simply beautiful.


As I wasn’t familiar with the original story, I occasionally found the plot a little difficult to follow but my adult companion (Darkchat Kate) assured me that the original tale is similarly convoluted and the youngest Darkchatters seemed to have no difficulty in understanding its twists and turns.


For a show to make the spirits soar, Flight is highly recommended.



Flight runs daily until August 31st at The Assembly Roxy (Venue 139)



Reviews by 6 year olds


There was a turtle and there was a Prince and they played, but it was a bit funny because the Prince was a girl.  In the Prince’s land the people could choose what they could be.  The actors made the shapes with their bodies, a man told the story and 2 girls did the acrobatics.  The story was amazing and brilliant, the man was a fantastic storyteller and the girls were really, really good acrobats.



My favourite character was the turtle.  My favourite bit was when the turtle came on and talked to the Little Prince.  I know the sign for turtle!  The people made the things that we saw.  There was a man who did the storytelling and 2 ladies who did the acrobatics, they were all fantastic and the story was very good.