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Ed Gamble: Stampede

Gilded Balloon at the Counting House

Monday 8th August, 15.15


We’ll admit we were puzzled by this one; as comedians at Edinburgh this year, Gamble would be considered quite a big name.

However, for some reason he is tucked away in the vaults of the ‘recently released from the horrors of free Laughing Horse

Comedy’ Counting House, and performing to an audience of ‘£5/pay what you want festivalgoers’ who probably don’t really

know who he is but are happy to see a show for the equivalent price of a pint, when others of his equal are performing in the

larger venues of the Pleasance at a tenner a pop. Still, we’re not going to complain, a cheaper ticket for us!


From the get go it is clear that Gamble is a seasoned and confident performer; greeting the audience as they entered and

poking fun at those who chose to ignore his welcoming, perhaps not fully aware who he actually was. He then delivers a

brisk hour of solid comedy that, for some reason, hinges heavily on the antics of cauliflower (despite several insistences

from the comedian that it was not all about cauliflower, which just made it even harder for us to stop thinking it was all about



We have the usual tales of relationships, current health kicks and genital humour, which somewhat divided the Darkchat panel;

some were thoroughly entertained, others less so.  Perhaps we expected more from someone who has shown so much

promise in recent television appearances. Either way, some of us will continue to look out for him in the future, we just hope

it won’t be at the Espionage next year.


Not much of a gamble here, you’re in safe hands.





Ed Gamble: Stampede plays daily until Aug 29

Gilden Balloon at The Counting House