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There May be Pirates.....

There May be Dragons


Sunday 6th August 12.20


The Free Fringe has been a welcome addition to Edinburgh’s annual festivities for a few years now but has also brought with it varying levels of quality. You’re never sure what you might get and you take a chance on some shows and hope you find a good one. This is never truer when as an adult you factor in free kids shows.


Happily with Stories Alive performance of There May Be Dragons (or depending when you go There May be Pirates) we

are lucky enough to find a good one.


Storytelling is a hard job especially in a room of kids who might not know why they are there other than that their parents

have chosen to see this show as it is free and the weather isn’t great! However in Eden Ballantyne we have an

experienced storyteller that keeps the kids engaged for the full show with his self penned tale of young Gilly and Crackle

the Dragon.


Dragons are big business at the moment and there is perhaps the odd opportunity to add the odd gag for the parents but

the story works for the ones in the room that it needs to impress and our mini DarkChatters have no complaints.


Sometimes it is well worth taking that chance on the Free Fringe, your kids will thank you for it.




Reviews by 8 year olds


We saw a show about Gilly, Brenna, Alrick and Crackle. It was an interesting story and the storyteller memorised the whole story which is amazing!


The story was funny and fantastic. The funniest thing about it was that he mentioned dragon poo and the best bit was that he got 2 volunteers to help act as Gilly and Alrick (who screamed really funnily) and using the puppets to be Crackle the Dragon.




There May be Pirates (on odd days).....There May be Dragons (on even days)

is playing at Hispaniola at 12.20 until 26th August (not Mondays)