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Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Sunday 7th August, 15.30


Every so often there comes a point when you should take a step back and think, have I watched enough Dracula themed

comedy shows. Once you know the plot, it’s inevitable that you are going to stumble upon the same gags, but with a

slightly personal touch. But having enjoyed previous instalments I was ready to give this one a go too and walking into the

venue with “Man in the Mirror “by Michael Jackson was a clever touch for obvious reasons.


The plot this time centres around dracula coming to terms of his loneliness and searching for a mate before his 200th birthday,

Unfortunately as far as I was concerned, this was where the cleverness began and ended. The switch from Dracula

being the evil being to him just searching for love was a nice touch. Though the criteria for his true love felt a bit forced and

as if they tried too hard to be funny, which could arguably be levelled at the entire play. I think we have all heard a word

said in a different funny way which can be funny if done well and used sparingly. Unfortunately this joke was done to death.


This is not to take anything away from the performances which were top notch. I especially connected with Dracula who was

on point in every scene. Barring one dancing scene where they even pointed out the out of period dancing (another example

of trying too hard to be funny) which would have been fine, but again something just felt off.  I’m sure other people left the room

thinking that it was a great way to spend an hour, sadly I was not one of those people.




Dracula plays daily until Aug 29th (not 15th)

at Pleasance Courtyard