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C Venues - C Royale

Sunday 6th August 20.00



DarkChat are suckers for anything to do with the Eurovision Song contest. (DarkChatters David & Anne have already booked out flights and accommodation in Lisbon to attend the 2018 contest.)  Way back in our 1st year we were beguiled with "Eurobeat", with Mel Giedroyc duly winning our Best Actress award (whatever happened to her?)


Oddly, there have been few other Eurovision shows over the years and although we were lured to "Otto And Astrid's -

Eurosmash" last night, which we enjoyed, it was more Euro-pop than Eurovision. However, there is no doubt what

"Douze" is about.


As can only happen in the Edinburgh we bumped into Xnthony & The Penny Slots flyering outside the Gilded Ballon

this afternoon so we knew that at C Royale tonight we were honoured to pick the song that hopefully would represent

Ireland in next year's contest.


Armed with his backing singers (well one singer and one dancer) Xnthony sings (and dances) through 9, rather catchy

songs. You certainly can't fault their infectious energy as it isn't long before each of them is literally covered in sweat, they

will all have lost loads of weight by the end of August!


The humour is pitched at a general micky-take of the kitchness of the contest and the importance bestowed upon it by the performers rather than mocking the ridiculness of it all ( which we love).


All 3 of us enjoyed "Douze" but agreed "Eurobeat" had more biting satire, however, you can't fault the performers and when Tiffany of The Penny Slots sings Linda Martin's winning song "Why Me?" she demonstrates what a great voice she possesses (to compliment the also impressive comic acting that both Slots possess).


So, if you fancy a light, frothy hour of musical fun "Douze" is worth a visit.




Douze is playing at C Royale

at 20.00 until 28th August (not 14th)