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Daniel Nils Robert:


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Monday 8th August, 16.45


3 years ago we discovered the joys of Racing Minds. Since then, we have been a regular at their improv shows, and were also

thoroughly entertained by Chris Turner last year. Now I was the turn of Daniel Nils Roberts, could he continue the high standard?


The show is a one-man sketch comedy, with recurring characters broken up with a repeated video of a nodding man in a bear

suit (the Honey of the title). As with most sketch comedy, it is littered with highs and lows, but thankfully far more of the former

than the latter.


Our particular favourites were a UNICEF promoter who knew he had to help children but couldn’t quite work out exactly what

problems needed solving, a romance novelist who read raunchy scenes from her recent steamy novels, and the amusing world

from the point of view of a bear. Of course some characters were not quite as strong (we’re looking at you, Spanish guy!!), and

we do feel that even the strongest characters were a tad overused, but as debut shows go this is creative and fun, and shows

the potential of Roberts going forward. With the Fringe currently awash with generic stand-up, Roberts provides some welcome

respite and a breath of fresh air with his fun character comedy. The tour de force that is Racing Minds continues to gather



Honey, he shrunk the competition.




Daniel NIls Robert: Honey plays daily until Aug 29th (not 15th)

at Pleasance Courtyard