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The Curing Room

Pleasance Dome, Saturday 2nd August, 10.00


Tired after 2 days at the Commonwealth Games I arrived in Edinburgh at

10.00am Saturday morning. So, what better way to start my festival than

heading to Pleasance Dome to see a play featuring nudity and cannibalism.


"The Curing Room" is David Ian Lee's version of events based on a story

about 7 soldiers imprisoned naked in a locked cellar in 1944. Even if this was

a true story it would be an interesting plot. What would happen if the door was

never unlocked? What would we do in that situation? How long would the army

and Russian traditions of order and rank prevail? Does survival of the fittest

always occur?


Ninety minutes is a long-time for a show in Edinburgh nowadays but somehow the tension increases as the play unfolds. This is a testament to all concerned. The writer creates interesting characters but the performances are universally strong with the actor's emotions and physical attributes both literally stripped naked. The fact that this is the professional acting debut for many of the cast is truly staggering.


The quality of the production ensures that you soon forget about the nudity but there are some extremely disturbing scenes that will not be to everyone's taste. ( Pun unintended and probably inappropriate).


But, this is a play that will stay with you and deserves to be seen and discussed. Truly, this is a piece of must-see theatre.




The Curing Room plays daily until 25th August (Not 11th)