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Tomás Ford's Craptacular!

Sweet Grassmarket

Wednesday 9th August, 19.00


To fill some time before Leg’s early morning flight home last year DARKCHATTERs David, Carl & Legs attended the Crap Music

Rave Party. This was a very silly night basically Tomás Ford only plays bad music that you pick and provided (me with) one of

the highlights of last year’s festival, having a dance off with Tomas to one of my choices, MacArthur Park by Donna Summer.  


I didn’t feel the need to attend this weird dance party again but I was intrigued by Ford's “Craptacular.”  He kindly gave us a truly

wonderful interview (see here) which single-handedly got me excited about this year’s festival when I was in mega

organisational mood. It also helped me to move “Craptacular” from our list of possible shows into our spreadheet.


I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect and it certainly didn’t include being greeted by a nervous looking, track-suited, sweaty

Australian prowling around the stage singing songs from “Phantom Of The Opera”!


The concept of the show is never really explained and we just follow Tomas and he lurches from song to song. This is in the

cabaret section of the brochure so you know you won’t be hearing standard versions of the well-known songs he adapts to his

own particular style.  


One of the main joys of “Craptacular” is trying to work out which song he is performing and how our host will interpret it. At the

end of this astonishing hour the crazy bar is raised even higher as we are led out of our room at the Sweet Venues at the Apex

International hotel causing someone from another room to come out and complain about our noise.


I won’t give away our final song or destination, suffice to say it reminded us of a conga led by Johnny Vegas out of his venue in the last century. We won’t forget this show in hurry.


Thank you, Tomás. The world needs more characters like you!



Tomás Ford's Craptacular plays daily (not 22nd) until 28th August