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The Confessional

C Venues - C too

Sunday 7th August, 21.10


A late night thriller was just what the doctor ordered on a cold and windy summer’s evening in Edinburgh, and we headed up the

mile to C too in order to watch this American offering of ‘the very nature of evil’.


The play is set in a police interrogation room with a man, Stanley, interrogated by two detectives (and there’s a police officer

who pops in every now and again, but they probably could’ve saved an air fare by not bringing him all of the way over) one of

whom, it turns out, has recently achieved the arrest of his life by bringing to justice a serial killer. However, as the interview

pans out, has the detective made a mistake? For Stanley knows more about the murders than perhaps any bystander possibly



In terms of strengths, we can be nothing but positive about the acting, which was flawless from the two male leads, and more

than adequate from the female detective. There are some good twists, the tension builds well throughout, and it contains an

interesting ending which we confess to finding quite brave. However, at 105 minutes it is far too long; the play tries to include

every idea the writer could think of, when perhaps it should have been restricted to 60 minutes of the better ideas. We

personally found the potential love affair between the detectives as 30 minutes’ worth of steps too far. The running length aside,

we enjoyed and recommend, provided you can cope with the uncomfortable seats.


We confess that there is a great 60 minute play hidden in there somewhere.



The Confessional has finished it's run this year