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Colin Hoult/Anna Mann: A Sketch Show for Depressives

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Sunday 7th August, 19.00


As Edinburgh performers seem to be getting younger Colin Hoult can now be considered an Edinburgh veteran. (Re-reading

that sentence it sounds as if I am calling him old, which is NOT my intention. His appearances at the festival are getting

increasingly sporadic and therefore each new show should be welcomed.


As a re-knowned character actor he brings us Anna Mann, a failed actress whose star has waned but she battles gamely on.

Lurching from theatrical disaster to theatrical disaster it is not surprising that she has suffered from depression.  This show

however is about her giving something back to us, “the little people” who also struggle to deal with this disease. However, she

starts with an important disclaimer, she CAN’T cure depression. But, she will use her experience of other characters she has

encountered in various support groups to help us cope.


We are duly led through a variety of hysterical scenarios where Anna is assisted (?) by a couple of helpers. As well as these

important tips we are also treated to snatches of Anna’s back catalogues of failed and long-forgotten shows (how could

“Aliens – The Musical” not have been a big hit?).


I have often found Mr Hoult’s characters quite dark but this show is hysterical from beginning to end. To maintain that level of

energy is extremely impressive and the audience roared from beginning to end.


This show is well worth a visit and STRONGLY recommended.


P.S. Feel free to check out Colin's interview with us here.




Colin Hoult/Anna Mann: A Sketch Show for Depressives plays daily until Aug 28th (not 17th)

at Pleasance Courtyard