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Chris Turner: Observational Tragedy

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Thursday 7th August, 21.45


Swiftly emerging as a Darkchat favourite, Chris Turner entertained us once more at the Pleasance Courtyard, though for

some reason described DarkChatter Legs as ‘attractive and confident’ in the process, leading to our concerns over his mental

wellbeing and fearing that this may be his last year with us.


Starting with his customary (and still highly impressive) rap, the cheeky member of Racing Minds delivered yet another

heart-warming show of tales from his childhood, issues in adolescence, and even some brief snapshots of male nudity.


It’s always surprising just how nice and gentle Turner is with an audience, he makes everyone feel at home in an age when an

audience is often fearful of being involved in a show. Turner’s’ audiences always enjoy being involved for they know they are

in safe, comforting hands.


The show is all about memories, and the comedian even encourages the audience to provide fond childhood memories, without

picking on people and making them feel uncomfortable. Though this may lead to awkward silences in some cases, it is

testament to Turner’s appeal that the audience members were so responsive and willing to divulge key moments from their past.


For that what Turner is all about; providing a warm and welcoming hour of comedy that is one of the hidden highlights of the

crammed Pleasance schedule.


Not an hilarious hour of comedy, but then it doesn’t need to be, for Turner is insightful and confident enough to keep the audience wanting more without having them laughing till they drop. However, his opinion of male beauty still leaves a lot to be desired.


Turn up to this true delight at the Pleasance




Chris Turner: Observational Tragedy plays daily until Aug 29th (not 26th-28th)

at Pleasance Courtyard