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 Charlie Baker: The Hit Polisher


DarkChat have seen Charlie Baker a number of times down the years enjoying his Baker’s Dozen in 2013 and Just the One in 2015, the latter outlining the tribulations with having only 1 child and not likely having any more.  So it is that Baker returns to Edinburgh in 2017 with ‘The Hit Polisher’ having missed last year following the birth of his second child proving that nothing is predictable in this business.


He bounds on stage at The Omnitorium full of energy to 90s dance ‘classic’ I’ve Got the The Key by Urban Cookie Collective

The Secret and the show follows that music from this and eras just before and after will form the basis for the show.  Worked

around his family life and a school reunion Baker sings, dances and jokes his way through the hour and we also get to hear a

couple of poems that perhaps don’t quite hit the mark.


As a man of a (very) similar age and situation a lot of the jokes and references I can relate to and the hour flies by with plenty

of laughs (and groans) for me although some of the audience are not totally convinced perhaps lost with some of the specific

references.  Baker’s singing is solid and you’ll find yourself racking your brain wondering what that is that he has re-imagined

into a lounge style song (answer it’s Atomic Kitten or Mark Morrisson!) and the audience also get to join in ‘Toot tooting’ and

‘Beep beeping’ along with a rendition of R Kelly’s Ignition.  There is also some nifty tap dancing, Baker showing that he hasn’t

lost the moves that helped him win Let’s Dance for Comic Relief back in 2011.


It’s another solid hour of fun from Baker that perhaps doesn’t hit the heights of the previous shows but shows that he is still a multi-talented performer who can keep a Fringe audience entertained.  As we leave Baker thanks each of the audience for coming, even those who perhaps weren’t fully on board and we get a nod towards the table selling CDs of the songs performed in the show which might be worth picking up if you’re of a certain age.  Go on, he has a family to feed!






Charlie Baker: The Hit Polisher is at

Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8) until August 27th

The Omnitorium, Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8)

 Thursday 10th August