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 Underbelly, Cowgate

 Monday 7th August 18.40



With two 8 year olds as part of DARKCHAT this year it has been a challenge putting an itinerary together to please both adults and children together. Nowadays there are plenty of kids shows around but for us as adults it is obviously more fun watching a show that we can identify with. As the boys grow older (this is their 4th festival) this is getting easier and we have begun to delve into non-childrens section of the brochure.


So, seeing a U rating in the programme we duly joined the front of the Underbelly queue (with a very friendly couple helping to entertain two restless children) to see "Bruce" a highly recommended puppet show since 2013. We were then a little surprised when the performers popped over to check if we knew the show contained bad language (we didn't), but were impressed they had taken the time to check.


We slightly apprehensively took our seats in the front row but we needn't have worried, we all loved it from beginning to end. In

recent years we have been beguiled by Bunk Puppets but Bruce is different. He is just one piece of foam rubber manipulated by

2 performers. What do you mean it sounds simple and dull?  Wrong! Wrong! The joy of The Last Great Hunt theatre company is

that with the minimum of props they provide a variety of characters and a complex plot resembling "Interstellar".


It took me a while to understand what was going on and I was concerned our junior reviewers would be confused but I was

wrong as there was always something happening to keep them (and us) interested. The only show I can really compare it is

"Bane 1/2/3" which we loved a few years back.


For me one of the many joys of the Edinburgh festival is that it is hard to pigeon-hole shows. Our previous show "The Dark

Room For Kids" received higher scores from "the grown-ups" while "Bruce" gained higher marks from our 8 year olds, proving

you enjoy a show according to your particular preferences rather than your age.



Great fun.




Bruce is playing at  Underbelly, Cowgate

at 18.40 until 27th August (not 14th)